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Today’s write-up about Roman Tomasz Kosowski shares facts about the abduction of a missing lawyer who a plastic surgeon might have killed.

Are there any charges for the plastic subject matter expert? Is Tomaz Kosowski bound? What charges is the expert standing up to with respect to the lawful instructor? An authority articulation actually made people from the US and various spots fretful about how Tomasz Kosowski treated the legitimate advisor.

His catch has made a sensation over casual networks, and people continue to contemplate whether he grabbed the legitimate guide and where the lawful instructor is as of now. Hence, look at a couple of extra real factors about Roman Tomasz Kosowski and his relationship with the missing lawful guide in this helper.

Disclaimer: We mean to enlighten people about unambiguous conditions; we support no contemplations or content about indisputable individuals to impel their ubiquity.

When was Steven Cozzi last seen?

Steven Cozzi dissipated on Tuesday, Walk 21, 2023, right after being generally as of late seen, and his evaporating is thought. Following three days, the policing informed the public that Steven was missing.

Is Tomasz Kosowski caught?

The police division made a press clarification at Largo about Roman Tomasz Kosowski Kosowski, 44, who was bound in regards to the seizing of Steven Cozzi, a legitimate guide at Pinellas Locale with Blanchard Guideline, P.A.

The police part of Largo gotten a requesting for help concerning a missing individual on Tuesday. Walk 21, 2023.

Steven Cozzi had neglected to recollect his vehicle keys, wallet, and mobile phone when he left his work space at 1501 S. Belcher Road, according to the police. Steven deserted his vehicle and didn’t have every one of the reserves of being leaving the premises.

Who Toasz Kosowski, and what is his relationship with Steven Cozzi?

In a Pinellas District courts case, Steven was perceived as a legal counselor. In 2019, Tomasz Kosowski, the plastic trained professional, brought the case.

Tomasz has reported suit against Dunedin Cautious Guides, LLC, another clinical social occasion, two specialists, and a delegate who handles insurance charging despite his past director.

He affirmed they had utilized another assurance biller who had overseen somewhere near two patients’ insurance ensures mistakenly.

Kosowski submitted petitions searching for the insurance biller’s confirmation the morning Steven dissipated, ensuring they had as of late shown a reluctance to deal with questions.

What was found during the assessment?

According to authorities and the statements shared by people on Lis Twitter, there were little blood drops and a strong compound fragrance in the working environment’s men’s restroom during the test. According to a criminal science assessment, a critical proportion of blood was found in a comparative bathroom.

Specialists with the Largo Police Division began searching for a questionable individual and vehicle spotted at work office all the while with Steven. People are sharing the new understanding about the missing lawful guide on relational associations to get more to know the reviled.

Expedient Wiki of Dr. Tomasz Roman Kosowski:

– Certifiable name-Tomasz Roman Kosowski

– Age-44 years

– Calling Plastic, Reconstructive, and Remedial Operation Master in Atlanta, GA

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Roman Kosowski, a plastic subject matter expert, was actually kept in view of the missing occasion of Steven Cozzi. Regardless of the way that Steven’s corpse has not been found, experts communicated on Sunday, Walk 26, 2023, that they have proof that Tomasz killed him.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Tomasz Kosowski?

Tomasz Kosowski is a plastic subject matter expert.

Q2. What are the charges on Tomasz Kosowski?

Tomasz Kosowski is blamed for the killing of Steven Cozzi.

Q3. When was Steven Cozzi last seen?

Steven Cozzi was most as of late seen on Tuesday, Walk 21, 2023.

Q4. Where was Steven Cozzi working?

Steven Cozzi was filling in as a legitimate guide at Blanchard Guideline.

Q5. Is Tomasz Kosowski bound?

To be sure

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